Saturday, October 17, 2009

One of the reasons....

I go downtown to the Government Center Metro rail Station at least twice a week. There is a square in front of the building that I have to cross from the Bus stop to get into the Station.
Like many squares it is always filled with all sorts of people. You can see the homeless gathering there on the outside of the square. The religious ones, who try to convert you to whatever they believe in, stay close to the stairs and escalators to catch as many souls as they can.
You also see the occasional security guard in their "golf" carts being present, the cleaning people cleaning all around and people running towards the metro they have to catch.
And then there are the vendors, little tables with fruits and vegetables, home-made jewelry from China, and water bottles.

Monday morning I was crossing the square on my way to the entrance when a vendor on my right sneezed really loud. So loud that it made me look at him. And there he was, trying to hold his saggy pants up that obviously dropped because of the sneeze.
He squatted a little to stop his pants from totally falling down, kept the front up with the tips of his fingers and I realized that he had sneezed into his hands and he was holding his pants up with snotty hands while trying to keep them dry.
I know it is not nice but I was laughing my head off.

Yesterday I passed him again and I noticed that he was wearing the same pants but this time with a belt.