Sunday, May 30, 2010

10 of 10: The Continuing Story

This time I had the book of Coby (sounds almost biblical if you say it like this and please imagine the MGM-like voice over saying ... "And Holland was working on the Book of Coby, and she knew it was good...")

Yes it was good... I was on a roll and actually filled 1 page on both sides. Sorry folks, I am not showing the whole picture here... have to leave some for your imagination.

I having fun with this project, going outside my box... although I have to admit... the abstract part is much like I used to paint back in The Netherlands, and it was great to do that again... It was actually so much fun, that I will do it on a large canvas.

Until next time...
(MGM-like voice over: "She closed the book and put it in the envelope, which was already labeled with the proper addresses... Now she had to wait until the post office was open.... -dramatic music-)

Monday, May 24, 2010

And now something completely different...

Today my partner, The Hitman, send me this message....

and still I hear the song and see those guys with bad perms and wearing spandex in my head.... What did I do to deserve such thoughts?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blue Velvet

Once upon a time, in a far away country called The Netherlands, I was on a romantic date with a handsome man. We went to the fair downtown The Hague and he kissed me - the first kiss - in one of the rides. We both felt very romantic and even in love... you know those early butterflies in the stomach but it can still go either way... love or lust.

After the fair, the night was still young, we walked around and passed by an artsy cinema. One of the few that only shows underground movies or productions that are not "middle of the road".

We went in, looked at the posters and decided to go for "Blue Velvet" because it looked romantic. I hear you laugh especially the ones who know David Lynch and/or this movie, but we both did not know David Lynch, the director, and obviously unaware of his movies.

We sat down, he put his arm around my shoulders and we were all set  for yet another romantic pass time. The movie started, soft music with people smiling. A firetruck passed by with a fireman waving at the audience and the camera moved on the the field behind him... into the grass... and a close-up of a cut off ear.

I whispered in his ear: "I guess this is not going  to be a very romantic movie..."
"Hmmm..." he replied in agreement.

And then the movie turned into one of the best I ever saw. It was a roller coaster and I was so into it that I completely forgot my date... Dennis Hopper scared me bloodless and Isabella Rossellini was just freaking beautiful.

My date didn't like the movie at all.. He wanted a romantic chick flick to get me into a certain mood... and I came out of the cinema all hyped, energized and not in a romantic mood... I was still in the thrill.

That evening I did fall in love... with Blue Velvet.

What is your favorite movie?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

10 of 10 another one

Again I only show a part of the little painting. But it was an unlucky 10 of 10 book for me.

I run out of clue so I was unable to glue the artwork into the book. Therefor I could not send it to Oklahoma on Monday.

On Tuesday I had everything prepared... I had to go to Target to get the glue and then next to Target is the post office. What could go wrong, would one say.

Let me tell you what could go wrong: I forget to bring the address labels with me!

So I went today... with address labels, money and the book. And it did go to Oklahoma today.

Today I also received a new sketch book: Coby's.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Two weeks ago I was sitting on a bench waiting for the bus to come. Just minding my own business trying to solve a Sudoku. An old lady sits down next to me and says: "Hello!" with a cheerful voice and tries to hand a flyer to me.
"No, thank you. I am not interested."
"Do you have the Holy Bible?" (same cheerful voice)
"No, I don't."
"Let me read you from the Holy Bible."
"Please don't, Mam. I am not interested."
"But I have to read to you. To save you."
"Do not read to me, Mam, and please do not save me."

Of Course she takes her bible out of her handbag and flips it open at the chapters of Revelation and starts reading out loud from it.

I, on the other hand, return to my sudoku and decide that nice looking "reli-grannies" are at the same level as mice: they look nice - some even cute - but in reality they are a pest.

To make a long story short, after her reading to me we ended up in a little argument and the conclusion that we will both end up in Hell: she for not respecting her fellow human beings and I  because I am not saved.

A few days later I am waiting (whole different location) for the bus to arrive. I see three reli-grannies coming towards the bus stop. One walks to me with her arm stretched to hand me a leaflet. I turned towards her and start to growl. Softly first, then curl my upper lip, growl louder and finish it with a nice aggressive bark.
The woman jumps back, puts the leaflet in her handbag and returns to the other reli-grannies.

IT WORKS! Hallelujah!

From now on, whenever one of the reli-grannies comes to near me, I will bark at them. No more discussions, no more patiently telling them that I do not wish to be saved. From now on it will be: