Sunday, March 28, 2010

10 of 10

This weekend I worked on a little project initiated by Ily called "10 of 10".

10 bloggers send a journal to the next blogger in line and each blogger will add their art to the journal and sends it on untill each blogger receives their own journal filled with the art work of the other 9 bloggers.

Here is the front of my journal (and beware... I do not take great pictures).

I painted with acrylics on card board and glued that to the cover of the sketchbook. Not only do I have an original cover, but the cardboard makes the journal a little big stronger. I had fun with it and it was a good way for me to get into the project.

I am looking forward to all the other 9 journals I will receive, each with their own original art. And I would lie if I told you that I was not curious about my own journal...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Am I a "Yes" or a "No"?

I remember the first time I was at the Academy of Art. It was 3 weeks before classes would start. I and more than 80 other people had to display our work in a large room. Everybody was told up front that only 22 people would be accepted that year.

I was early and got myself a good spot with good light.
While I was setting up the table, three teachers passed by the tables and I heard one say ”No… no… no… yes… no…no…”
My Stomach turned; I didn’t dare to look at them to see if I was a “yes” or a “no”. I wanted so badly to be accepted into the Academy. I swallowed my tears - yes I was that nervous - and pretended not to notice them.

Once the teachers had left the room, I turned around and I looked at the panic stricken faces of 5 other candidates. One asked “Does anybody know who is the yes, because I was too scared to turn around to see if I am a no…”
At that point I realized I was not the only scared one, we all were and we all wanted to be accepted. I think that realization hit everybody at that point because we all started to laugh (nervously of course) as neither one of us knew who was the yes.

To make a long story short: we finished our tables, we went out for a drink (we had still two hours to kill before the Academy members would go in to make their decisions) and all six of us waited for each other to see who was a yes. We all were nervous when one of us entered the room to hear the decision. We all cheered when one would come out with the acceptance paper and at the end of the evening all six of us were a Yes.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Night at the Art Center, South Beach, FL

Saturday, February 27th, was the opening night for a new exposition at the Gallery of the Art Center in South Beach called "Rituals and Process".

And here is my friend Ily right in front of the "Writing on the Wall"

It was a collection of conceptual art and described the the artists visions about the today's society has changed their rituals from Religion to a more romanticized consumer blah blah blah. Ok, the last three words are from me and I am sure I did not catch the words of the curator properly. I wish there was more words of the artists themselves, instead of the curator.

Nevertheless, some work I saw there I found it interesting and some even quite good. But what I liked best was that my friend Ily showed me around the studio's in the Art Center. There you meet the artists and talk with them about their work. It is direct, open and you get the answers to your questions from the artists and from their point of view.

And we were not the only one to go around the studio's...

I had a great evening, met some great people and I even had my picture taken...

But that one is still in Ily's camera... ;-)