Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A painting that I send to Holland

Last week I send a painting to Holland to a wonderful couple who just happen to be good friends of mine. They have this very special character at home and his name is Milan.

and this is his portrait of him.

Because I know they have received Milan's Portrait, I can now share it with you...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

10 of 10 : The art for Shay

Aaah... the challenges in life, such as what to create for a woman that is creative herself. And not only that ... shows in her blogs the many facets of her existence. 

Well here it is... and yes, as usual I leave the good stuff out, so the owner of the book will not see the whole picture. But I will reveal that I made it in acrylics and ink on paper... One could take pleasure in mysteries...

And that will be all..... for now...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dita Von Teese is teasing again

Here is a short commercial with Dita Von Teese.... seriously this is a Commercial for Perrier...

Watch it here.

Another reason why Dita is in my top 3 list of women.

She is already in my top 3 because I love her "burlesque" eroticism and she is a beauty.

Oh, you want to know who are the other women in my top 3?

Well.... Marlene Dietrich: untill her very last day she remained a very classy lady who took no bulls@%t from anyone. 

And the most sexy woman of the 1920's and probably of all times as she is a contemporary / timeless beauty : Louise Brooks

I was a little girl (6 or 7) when I saw a picture of her face the first time and her face is in embedded in my artistic mind and spontaneously pops up in some of my works.

Who is in your top 3 women of all time?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A silly Day

I went to South Beach to meet up with my friend Ily. I left home at half time in the soccer match between Germany and Spain. It was still 0-0. The team that wins this match will play in the finals against Holland (no not me Secretly I am rooting for Spain, because then we have two teams that never won a world champion cup in the finals, and I was not alone: Paul the octopus also rooted for Spain. 

So far the two year old Octopus predicted all the German matches correctly in this world cup and he choose Spain as the winner. 

The moment I arrived in South Beach I asked a woman in a German shirt who won and she looked at me as if I was from another planet, then noticed my orange toe nails and the orange scarf around my head and grumpily spitted out the words I almost expected (due to Paul the octopus' prediction): "Spain did...1-0, the Germans did not play." I had to swallow my cry of joy and thanked her for telling me. When she walked away I did a little victory dance as if I made that goal.

I met with Ily at the Mediterranean  restaurant on Lincoln Road and we sat down for some food, wine and conversation... and we ended up discussing what we would do if we would wake up as a man (for 1 weekend). Well I know for sure that Ily would wake up as Johnny Depp. No doubt about that. 
But more interesting is the question if we would be a heterosexual or homosexual man for that weekend... What would you choose if you woke up in the body of the opposite sex?

Also Ily gave me a beautiful CD with Brazilian music (to be played whenever she has dinner at my place prepared by the hitman). I asked her if she was serious about giving Brazilian music to a Dutch woman and she thought I was not happy... I was very happy with it as I do like Brazilian music and even more so now as the Dutch team won from the Brazilian team... Yeeeaaaaahhhh!!! (sorry, I just can't help myself)

And here I am showing how difficult it is to fit multiple objects (a shared dessert, espresso and myself)  in a small screen of a digital camera... but somehow we manage...

After dinner we went for a walk over Lincoln Road where Ily took this really great shot of me...

I don't know  but I think it shows how happy I am with the Dutch team... (hmmm why do I keep coming back to soccer these days...)

Have a great week and cheer for Holland this Sunday!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What a day!

Yesterday was an important day for me. I took two paintings to the gallery for a new show called "Word and Symbols". I really liked the subject and I know that it will be a good show because every artist will interprete it in a different way.

One painting called "Change your words and you will change your world" where the text starts on the side of the paiting and finishes on the front.

The other is "Listen to the colorful words of my silence".

The second painting (and I apologize for the poor quality of the photo's... but hey I am not a photographer) is inspired by a converstation I had with a close friend of mine about lack of communication... which I translated into silence.

Now the real challenge for me is how to take two paintings of 24" x 24" to the gallery with the bus-bus-metro-bus in the rain. I looked around the house if we had any plastic bags big enough which we did not have of course. But I found those plastic coverings from the dry cleaners and guess what... it works to protect the paintings and at the same time if could carry it like it was plastic bags.

On my way to Coconut Grove, I met a man carrying a sign saying "Be a role model" around his neck. After working so intensly on my paintings referring to words, it made complete sense to me. I asked him why he had this sign around his neck and he replied: "Each morning I make a new sign to carry around, because each day I learn something new and I want to share this with other people." That is a very positive idea and I really like it. Does it mean I will do the same? I don't know... It takes guts to do this and a very great smile to pull it off.

Of course I was excited about the upcoming soccer match between Holland and Brazil. My toe nails are orange (yes, I root for Holland, suprise!!! lol) because "We kick ass!". In the bus, when he noticed my orange toe nails, a Brazilian fan told me that his team would beat the Dutch team with 2-1. I replied with a bg smile: "Bite me and good luck!".  Everywhere the yellow/green from Brazil was dominating here in Miami. When I finally got to work - where they showed the match on tv - it was 0-1 for Brazil. My heart dropped onto my orange toes, but at the same time I knew the match was not lost yet. I saw the Dutch team hunting for the ball.

And boy did they hunt... Holland won... 2-1 from BRAZIL!

I wonder if the Brazillian fan will remember what he said to me...