Sunday, November 8, 2009

Can Pigs Fly....

The Swine Flu is the topic in the News as well as on the minds of many parents. It is a killer flu, as the news makes us believe, killing children and elderly people. Capable of wiping out whole villages.

Remember the Bird Flu a few years back... another killer flu. The only thing that really spread around the world was fear, not the Bird Flu. But the fear was justified as we were told that this was a killer flu.

Isn't that the case of every Flue? A "regular" flu kills about 400.000 people per year. So far the Swine flu killed about 8,000 worldwide.
To create the vaccine for this killer flu, the actual cost is about the same as the creation for a "regular" vaccine, but people are asked to pay almost twice as much.

I will not deny the possibility that this Flu can spread around the world in the next few weeks/months and kill many more. But that is what happening every year during Flu season. I am not an advocate of denial but some skepticism is always healthy.

Let's be honest, the best way to prevent any flu is to take good care of yourself and your family with healthy well balanced food, washing hands and other sane measurements that you can apply without a 40 dollar vaccine.

But don't take my word for it. Do your own research, find the facts and make up your own mind. Use a little skepticism until the Pigs really can fly.


Scarlet said...

Not just the swine flu but any flu can be fought by taking good care of ourselves. I for one have never had a flu shot and I am not about to get one. It doesn't mean I won't get sick, but I'm not going to lose my head over all the hype...not unless I look out the window and see pigs fly!

PS - I live close to it gets closer to Christmas Eve, maybe I WILL see a pig fly! :)

Holland said...

Does that mean that a Flying Pig is also on your X-mas wish list? ;)

Little Red said...

If the Hitman's roasting it, YES!! LOL

Little Red said...

PS - That's me...Cuba, btw. :)

Holland said...

No pig is safe for Hitman... flying or not. I agree he should roast it... slowly... yummy
Do you want a wing?

LL Cool Joe said...

Here in the UK only people who are at a greater risk can get the vaccination, my mother being one of those because her kidney's are damaged.

I dilemma over all theses shots. My 15 year old daughter has just had the cervical cancer jab, and was very ill after wards, and is there any real evidence it will stop her getting cervical cancer?

Thanks for explaining the label to me on my blog. :)