Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Kreativ Blogger award

Ily presented me with this beautiful award, and only she knows why as I am such an irregular blogger but I really appreciate it.

But, like so many things in live, there are strings attached by accepting the award:
I have to list seven interesting things about myself and then pass on the trophy...
So here are 7 interesting things about me

1. Being born and raised in The Netherlands, I - contrary to popular believes - never wore wooden shoes,never lived in a windmill nor did I ever put my finger in a dike to save the country.

2. I don't like it when people put a label on me as it is about their expectations of me and not about who I really am.

3. I have a pretty sarcastic sense of humor.

4. I am a good girl.

5. I was asked to leave the academy of art after k.o-ed a teacher (long story and worth another blog). Still point 4 applies.

6. You can wake me up for a LARGE plate of mussels prepared in either the Dutch way or the Italian way. Really just hold it under my nose....

7. Once I was in a museum in Dublin, Ireland looking for a painting by Vermeer when I saw my first Caravaggio (the taking of Christ) and I totally fell in love with it. Almost forgot about the little painting by Vermeer, almost... but found it later on. One of my best visits ever to a museum.

Now I will pass on the award to Rosie.

She is creative, very active in the arts and only started blogging a few months ago.


Ily said...

You never put your finger where, Chica?? Please explain that one! lol

You are sarcastic, yes...a good girl, never!...not that I'm trying to label you or anything. ;)

Great list, mi amiga! I hope to see you on Wed. night when I ask Vesna to pose smiling!

Ciao...and you know what? I have NEVER tried mussels. I just say I don't like them so people will stop telling me I should try them! However, if/when Giuseppe makes them a la Italiana, I'll be there...con el vino blanco!!

Holland said...

Don't tell me you never heard about the story of the little boy who stuck his finger in a dike?

Good luck with Vesna... No way she can keep a smile for longer than 27 seconds... then she will get

Rosie Brown said...

Thank you, Monique! Your facts were so cute and entertaining, I am afraid I can't live up to that, but I will try!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

CONGRATS! I want to hear the story about the!
A fun list and interesting, snce I know very little about you except that you are a wonderful Artist!

Holland said...

Rosie: Thanks and your list is great too!

Naomi, I am curious about your Love your little riddle as well on your blog

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hopefully I will put my "kist" up!

I am pretty sure that doggie is a male roo, but he was so low to the ground I was thrown by seeing his little pee pee almost on the sidewalk,!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

"LIST"....Oy, Help!

Holland said...

Naomi: Please believe me that I felt the same way when I started the list, but after writing down the first two the rest followed so easily.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for the visit and your kind words aboit my "LIST"!

Chickie said...

LOL I like how you mention that #4 still applies after #5. The teacher must have had it coming!

Holland said...

Chickie: Yes he truly had it coming and the fact that he was not sober made the k.o. so much easier... lol