Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fake new moralists

In the capital of Belgium, Brussels, is the Academy of Arts. As it happens in the same building as the Academy is an elementary School. The two schools each have their own entrance and students don't mix at all.

In April 2010 a Public Worker of the city of Brussels entered the Academy and "castrated" all the male nude statues there. These gypsum statues were used as models for the art students. The reason why he did this - according to "De Telegraaf" a Dutch newspaper - was that he didn't feel it was right that the children of the elementary school could be exposed to male nudes. 
(Note: the two schools had two separate entrances... exposure how?)

When I read this, I was furious. Here is an example of the fake moralists who think it is OK to destroy other's people property because it doesn't suit their "new" morale. What's next? We have to cover all the nudes in the Sistine Chapel? Maybe wrap a cloth around the David of Michelangelo?

Why do they feel it is their right to impose their fake new moral upon us?


LL Cool Joe said...

I think the castrated male statues would be more disturbing to kids than anything else.

My 11 year old quite often goes to art galleries and it's never even crossed my mind about her seeing nude models.

What the Public Worker has done as actually highlighted something that the kids would probably never even thought about.

Ily said...

I'm shocked to hear this! What kind of message are they teaching the kids...that they should be embarrassed by their body parts?? I agree with Joey, if anything, the castrated males would be MORE disturbing to look at.

Holland said...

LLCJ: T agree kids don't think about things like that until the grown-ups turn it into an issue. Great that you take your child to galleries!
Ily: I don't know what message they want to send the kids, but it is the wrong one.

Granny Annie said...

I am thinking it would be a lot more disturbing to the children to see the statues castrated.

Holland said...

I think you are right!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

There is something really sick about that guy doing that. And I cannot believe he "speaks" for the majority...If he does, well...the world is going to hell....!

Holland said...

Naomi, I do not believe he speaks for the majority, but I am afraid the majority do not care much about the man did. The majority is pre-occupied with other things. What a good time to strike.

Fireblossom said...

We read in Testicles I, verse 14, "And yea, they saw that the stone men had parts and they were sore afraid; they smote them with their swords and lo, the Lord said unto them, "you are a bunch of fucking idiots."

Honest, that's what it says. Why would I lie?