Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 and then some

Going home last night I sat in the metro. Across from me sits a young woman trying to ignore ... well basically everything, a true poker face, blank eyes and staring into nothing. The next stop two men walk in and one decides to sit next to her - still no chance in her expression - and the other one sits next to me.
The man next to me was carrying several bags and out of one he lifts a bottle in a brown bag and takes a zip. 
The man opposite of him - yes next to the poker faced woman - looks at him and then the following conversation starts:
"Is that a single malt?"
"Nope just some pick-me-up"
"Sounds good, sounds good. Are you sharing?"
"Yeah sharing, like in the spirit of the holidays"
"Nope I am not spiritual at all."
"Oh good, cause I should not be drinking with my medication and all..."

Still no change in her facial expression and I know she is listening...

"What kind of medication would that be?"
"To stop the voices"

The conversation now hangs in the air.. what can you say after such a reply, right? 
But I made a little bet with myself that she will get up within 10 seconds, even though she kept her cool.

"Do you hear the voices often?"
"Yes... even now..."

She only gave me a quick look and gone she was.
I smiled  and the little girl inside was doing a little victory dance.. I won... I won...!
The men kept talking with each other and I returned to my book. A good beginning of the 2011.

Have a wonderful 2011 filled with good conversations, little victories, good health and a lot of smiles!


Darth Weasel said...

great story.

reminds me of perhaps the greatest shirt I have ever seen, one I still regret not having:

"You are just jealous because the voices talk to ME"

I was so inspired by it I occasionally embarrass my wife at restaurants when they inquitre "table for two?" to which I reply "There are thirteen of us...but the voices in my head don't need chairs". Some of us are easy to amuse I guess...

and apropos solely of your obvous artistic bent, my verification word is "thepic". just thought I should share...

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

And to you too, Holland! May 2011 be the Best Year Ever---And Then Some!

Lynn said...

A great transit story. How great and you knew just what would happen. I love that you stayed and just read your book. I'd have done the same.

Holland said...

DW: Thepic is so appropriate lol I just got daroole... getto for drool?
Naomi: Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Lynn: I am never sure what will happen but in some cases...lol

Granny Annie said...

I would have moved the minute the first guy sat down next to me. If that were the only seat, well I guess I would have to stay,but if there were more vacant seats, he should have seated himself somewhere else. I believe all group seating should be placed with a large gap between each seat, like a 3 ft. gap:) My space is sacred.

LL Cool Joe said...

Great story. :D I thought it was going to be about Lady Gaga to start with! :D

Happy New Year!

Riot Kitty said...

I don't miss riding the subway, gotta tell you.

Holland said...

Annie: I don't mind people sitting next to me as long as they do not stink... and some do...

LLCJ: Lady Gaga?... REALLY!!??!! :D

RK: I love it... I love the grazies... who else can have a "normal" conversation about the extra-ordinary...

jen revved said...

this was a hoot-- i love it! brava...visit me at http://parolavivace.blogspot.com -- got your link via fireblossom...xxxj

Holland said...

Jen: welcome to my blog!