Thursday, December 1, 2011

Seventeen in Art Basel

Xavier Cortada created 17 drawings on carbon paper, as a metaphor for the impact (or "carbon footprint”) that humans have had on these species, even across the boundaries of protected nature preserves. Cortada's original drawings of the seventeen species -- including the Wood Stork, the Key Largo Rat, and the Smalltooth Sawfish-- will be on display at his studio.  

For Art Basel seventeen local artists were invited to reinterpret Xavier Cortada's "80.15 W" carbon paper drawings.

The seventeen invitees are: Vince Herrera, Ernesto Kunde, Alex Yanes, Sean Ritchwood, Diana Contreras, Eleazar Delgado, BMD, Anthony Burks, TMNK, Kid, Courtney Rutter, Clay Frye, Yoko Sigiura, Sri Prabha, Alexandra Seda, and me. 

I was lucky enough to get the Piping Plover as my subject, the little bird at the beach that seems to have a love-hate relationship with the tides. Below is my interpretation and it will be for sale at the exposition.

The Openings Reception was tonight on December 1 at  the Gallery at Cortada Studio
104 SW 9th Street, Ground level | Eastside, Suite B, Miami, FL


Granny Annie said...

Congratulations! And aren't they lucky to have you agree to participate. What a wonderful contribution you have made.

LL Cool Joe said...

I love it! The legs look so good. Very whimsical feel about it.

Holland said...

Annie: Thank you so much. Actually I felt more like the lucky one... Piping Plovers make such a wonderful subject.

LLCJ: Thanks... it is actually a combination of 5 different pictures on the internet of PIping Plover chicks. The tutorial steps next to the chicks are actually the basic steps for a tango. ;-)

Riot Kitty said...

It is lovely! Wish I lived closer, I'd definitely come by.

Holland said...

RK: I know you would love it. And tomorrow another show.... the fundraiser for "Paws 4 Resque"

Anonymous said...
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David Allen Prado said...

I thought you'd enjoy this, does these guys seem like someone you know?