Friday, May 22, 2009

Fresh from the Fridge

When I knew I would have a solo at the Focaccia Rustica in Coconut Grove, I also realised that this would not be the place to hang nudes. It is after all a family restaurant. And this implied that I had to come up with a new body of work. To be honest, I went blank at first. For days I stared at two empty canvases and all that came to mind were nudes.

One afternoon my partner asked me why I didn't start painting and I replied: " Paint what? I have no other subject on my mind than nudes."

He suggested to go out and look around the house, to see if anything would inspire me. But I am not a plein air artist - ok, I never tried it and the large amount of hungry, bloodsucking mosquitoes outside doesn't make it very inviting for me to try a landscape out there.

Then he said to me: "Why don't you look in the kitchen, maybe there is something in there that will give you ideas."

And so I did, not that I am normally so obedient, but I was blank and he tried to help me. I opened the fridge... nothing yet, no celestial flash of inspiration. Then I opened the vegetable drawer in the fridge and I saw a variety of fruits and vegetables, each with their own colours and shapes... and there it was... my source of inspiration: Fresh from the Fridge.

I know it will be a great show, ....if I can save my models from being eaten.


Debra Cortese said...

This culinary addition to your portfolio is a superb example of your talent and ability to create outside of your comfort zone. Beautiful work.

Scarlet said...

As much as I enjoy your nudes, I have to admit that the new artwork is appealing and refreshing. Btw, is it just me or do these cloves have a human figure-like quality to them? ;)

the walking man said...

"What a thrill it was to see Holland's nudes and semi-nudes hanging on the walls! Btw, whatever you do, DO NOT pop into her blog and ask who the woman is in the painting below. ;)"

Just because like you I am not prone to follow orders, even though this one was an implied request "who is the woman in the painting below."

But more germane...Why isn't she nude? (ha ha ha Scarlet)

Nadine said...

Hi there. I'm a friend of Scarlet and popped in after reading her latest post. I have to say you are very talented.

Holland said...

Debra: thanks for your words. I think my comfort zone is quite broad, but it is my first time to focus on the contense of my fridge as subject for my paintings.

Scarlett: Hope to see you when the breakfast with the artist is. Sure you will a lot more human-like quality in the grapes, pears and

Walkingman: Thank you for dropping in at my blog. I promise you I will not tell Scarlett who the woman in "After Ten" painting is.

Nadine: Thank you so much. I hope you occassionaly check my blog as well so I can show you more of my work.