Friday, May 1, 2009

A new painting: Summer

Last week I finished this oil painting. Actually the female nude is done in oils and the background is mostly done in acrylics.
It is not a massive painting, not by the subject and certainly not by size (10" x 10" - 25 cm x 25 cm).
Alas this photo does not show how beautifully the golden background and all the other colours highlight the female nude.
So here it is... a confession! I am not good at taking great shots of my own paintings and it frustrates me. Ok, my little digital camera - which is older than 5 years - might be partly to blame, but I know somebody who takes wonderful shots no matter what camera is in his hands.
I am able to take some wonderful shots of other subjects, just not of my paintings.
And that is one of the reasons why I keep my "focus" on painting!


Scarlet said...

I agree, I've seen the painting up close and the camera doesn't allow you to capture its beautiful 3-D effect.

Nice combination of color/design in the background, btw.

geewits said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. I get pretty frustrated when a I can't photograph something that I feel really shows it. Not having seen your original painting though, I can say I think it is beautiful.

Holland said...

Scarlet: Thank you... and thus my

Geewits: I am happy that we use a digital camera nowadays...imagine the frustration with the old camera... develope the film and then what to do?

John McElveen said...

Gotcha Ily.....SCARLET My Lillll Frien..... LOL

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful, both subject and the soul of the same. I am an online friend of "Scarlet".

Beautiful work.


Holland said...

John: Thank you for dropping by and for your kind words. For sure we will see each other also at Scarlett's blog.