Wednesday, May 12, 2010

10 of 10 another one

Again I only show a part of the little painting. But it was an unlucky 10 of 10 book for me.

I run out of clue so I was unable to glue the artwork into the book. Therefor I could not send it to Oklahoma on Monday.

On Tuesday I had everything prepared... I had to go to Target to get the glue and then next to Target is the post office. What could go wrong, would one say.

Let me tell you what could go wrong: I forget to bring the address labels with me!

So I went today... with address labels, money and the book. And it did go to Oklahoma today.

Today I also received a new sketch book: Coby's.


Ily said...

Ay Chica, I'll tell you what my mother always tells me: "La cabeza no se ha hecho solamente para el pelo" (or something like that!). :)

Have fun with Coby's book!!

LL Cool Joe said...

Sounds like the kind of thing I do. I went to the post office once, and forget to take the stuff I needed to post. One day I'll turn up to d-j and forget to take the music. :D

Granny Annie said...

It is because your mind is so stuffed full of creativity there is no room for trivia. It will not be unlucky for Serena because I'm thinking she get's the art work. I only know that I get to see it first! Yea!

Holland said...

Ily: lol this week not with my head

LLCJ: You forgot the music?LOL

Annie: hmmm it is an excuse I could use the next time. lol

Ricardo said...

I have been having this kind of luck as of late an it is no fun. It sucks. I do hope you can send it out.

Holland said...

Ricardo: I did send it out and today I received an email that is has arrived.