Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blue Velvet

Once upon a time, in a far away country called The Netherlands, I was on a romantic date with a handsome man. We went to the fair downtown The Hague and he kissed me - the first kiss - in one of the rides. We both felt very romantic and even in love... you know those early butterflies in the stomach but it can still go either way... love or lust.

After the fair, the night was still young, we walked around and passed by an artsy cinema. One of the few that only shows underground movies or productions that are not "middle of the road".

We went in, looked at the posters and decided to go for "Blue Velvet" because it looked romantic. I hear you laugh especially the ones who know David Lynch and/or this movie, but we both did not know David Lynch, the director, and obviously unaware of his movies.

We sat down, he put his arm around my shoulders and we were all set  for yet another romantic pass time. The movie started, soft music with people smiling. A firetruck passed by with a fireman waving at the audience and the camera moved on the the field behind him... into the grass... and a close-up of a cut off ear.

I whispered in his ear: "I guess this is not going  to be a very romantic movie..."
"Hmmm..." he replied in agreement.

And then the movie turned into one of the best I ever saw. It was a roller coaster and I was so into it that I completely forgot my date... Dennis Hopper scared me bloodless and Isabella Rossellini was just freaking beautiful.

My date didn't like the movie at all.. He wanted a romantic chick flick to get me into a certain mood... and I came out of the cinema all hyped, energized and not in a romantic mood... I was still in the thrill.

That evening I did fall in love... with Blue Velvet.

What is your favorite movie?


LL Cool Joe said...

Great post! I've never seen the film.

My favourite? Schindler's list. Not very romantic, right?

Holland said...

LLCJ: Schindler's great is a great movie but not romantic

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh Holland, I have so many favorite films---I cannot pick out just one....And I never have seen BLUE VELVET---a couple of people I know said they didn't think I should see it, so, I never have.
But here is a strange coincidence---David Lynch lives up the steeet from me. In fact he owns two houses right next to each other. They say he uses the second huse to Edit his films.
One day I will watch this film.

If pressed to the wall, I guess I would have to GONE WITH THE WIND is my favorite film, over-all. And when you realize it came out 71 years ago---It is truly a Masterpiece! Everything about it---as entertainment---it is just perfect.

Holland said...

Naomi, Now that is a romantic movie.. and yes a masterpiece. So many great quotes cam from that movie, like
Scarlett: I only know that I love you.
Rhett: That's your misfortune.

Ily said...

Did someone mention Scarlet?? :)

Great post! I thought that movie was shocking, in a good unexpected thriller, and I agree with you, Isabella Rossellini never looked better...and Dennis Hopper, he always scares me bloodless!

Holland said...

Ily, Scarlet... nooooo not you... Scarlet from Gone with the Wind.. is your husband's name Rhett? I don't think

Ricardo said...

I love David Lynch and I Loved Blue Velvet. I love his weird and strange tone that he evokes in all his films. It's brilliant.

I have too many favorite films to narrow down to one.

Paul Nichols said...

Favorite movie? The Usual Suspects.
Favorite Romantic Movie? Picnic starring Kim Novak and William Holden.

I have your 10/10 book. Pretty good. Hope I can "keep up the good work" for you.

Holland said...

Ricardo: David Lynch is in my top 3 directors. I love his work and mostly because they all have this underbelly weirdness going on.

Paul: Who is Kaiser Soza... loved that one as well. I never saw Picnic. Looking forward to work on your 10/10.

Riot Kitty said...

That's a tough call - I'll have to think about what my favorite is. I have favorites for different genres.

BTW this was a great line:

a close-up of a cut off ear.

I whispered in his ear: "I guess this is not going to be a very romantic movie..."

Holland said...

Kitty: I said I whispered in HIS ear, not in THIS ear... LOL Oh what a sight that would have