Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dita Von Teese is teasing again

Here is a short commercial with Dita Von Teese.... seriously this is a Commercial for Perrier...

Watch it here.

Another reason why Dita is in my top 3 list of women.

She is already in my top 3 because I love her "burlesque" eroticism and she is a beauty.

Oh, you want to know who are the other women in my top 3?

Well.... Marlene Dietrich: untill her very last day she remained a very classy lady who took no bulls@%t from anyone. 

And the most sexy woman of the 1920's and probably of all times as she is a contemporary / timeless beauty : Louise Brooks

I was a little girl (6 or 7) when I saw a picture of her face the first time and her face is in embedded in my artistic mind and spontaneously pops up in some of my works.

Who is in your top 3 women of all time?


Granny Annie said...

Kathrine Hepburn
Betty Davis
Lena Horn

LL Cool Joe said...

Maybe this makes me a bit shallow but I'd have to freeze frame the women at certain times or in certain roles. Does that make sense?

Demi Moore as G. I. Jane.

Melanie C (from the Spice Girls) during her butch/tomboy stage in 1999

Yulia, (the dark haired one) from the pop duo Tatu when they first hit the scene.

(Seeing as they are all now very feminine looking they have lost their appeal)

Fireblossom said...

Holland, I absolutely love your list! Indeed, my list includes marlene as well. She was amazing, totally her own woman, smart, devastatingly sexy, talented, strong, and looked equally stunning in a ballroom gown or a man's tuxedo. What a woman, I adore her.

Like Louise Brooks, another of my choices comes from the Silent Era...Mary Pickford. As a teen, she supported her family through her stage acting, she used sheer brass and determination to get noticed and be paid well, and became not only "America's Sweetheart" but could kick ass on the financial end of movies, as well. She married Douglas Fairbanks and lived in their mansion Pickfair as American Royalty. The latter years of her life were not so happy, but still she inspires me with all that shw was, and accomplished. Plus, her trademark youthfulness resonates for me, because people say the same about me.

Third, of course, Joan Jett. Again, a woman who was just a girl when she started out, in a man's industry, being bossed or dissed, and she stuck it out and has lasted for decades, and on her own terms. She's hot, she rocks, she's her own woman, and I adore her.

Fireblossom said...

Re: Joey's comment....yeah, what is up with that? Angelina Jolie is another who started out all gender bendy and had every lesbian in the world wanting her or wanting to be her, or both, and now she seems like she's in some big contest to see how straight she can get, always wearing flowing dresses with the big Hollywood hair, and dragging ten kids around with her, with her studly manthing at her side.

LL Cool Joe said...

Fireblossom, you know Angelina so pisses me off, and I've never quite worked out why, but you've hit the nail on the head! She kinda sold out to the straight, pretty world.

Oops sorry for chatting on your blog Holland! :D

Senorita said...

Adriana Lima
Audrey Tatou
My dance teacher

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I added you and will be catching up !

Lynn said...

Katharine Hepburn - loved her in The Philadelphia Story.

Bette Davis - LOVED that film All About Eve. Favorite quote, "Fasten your seatbelts, it's gonna be a bumpy night!"

Claudette Colbert - It Happened One Night and The Palm Beach Story.

Can you tell I love the old black and white films?

Holland said...

Annie: I hear you... 3 very strong and beautiful women in your list

LLCJ: Love that you went for the "tomboys" among women... and then they changed.

Shay: Of course Joan Jett.. how could you not choose Mary P. was quite a surprise for me but I can completely understand the choice.

LLCJ & Shay: It is just great that you chat about Angelina like that. And I have to agree with you both... what ever happened to her? Did she got kidnapped by aliens and returned to earth to be a hollywood royalty?

Senorita: I had to look up the first and (I agree) Adriana is hot, Audrey Tautou has such a funny face but I couldn't google your dance teacher (lol)

Lynn: You cannot go wrong with the girls from the big screen... they are just great!

Riot Kitty said...

My top three - for their brains, bravery and creativity - Eleanor Roosevelt, Joan of Arc, and Sojourner Truth.

Holland said...

RK: I had never heard of Sojourner Truth, but now I have (as I googled her today). Great choice of women.

Ily said...

Sexy commercial. I'm going to have to buy a push-up bra at Victoria's Secret and order a Perrier at Pasha's so I can recreate that scene for my next vlog! lol

For sexy women/timeless beauties, I choose the following:

1) Marilyn Monroe
2) Angelina Jolie
3) Marlene Dietrich

in that order.

PS - FB and Joey, did you not love Angelina in "Gia?" It's my favorite performance by her.

Holland said...

Ily: I am sure that the Hitman has no problem taping that vlog for

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I am unfamiliar with Deta...And I know I'm getting Old when my first reaction to this Ad is that is in really bad taste....! I really don't like things that leave NOTHING to the imagination....Now, Dietrich was something TRULY Special----such a talented woman and such depth in every performance....I was lucky enough to see her "LIVE" in her later years..."In Comcert"...She Was Spectacular!!!

And Ily...I agree about Angelina's performancde in "GIA". Truly FANTASTIC!

You know what is really something...the pendulum has swung so far in the other direction where Breasts are concerned...There was a time when women were having Breast Reduction Surgery....Now, they cannot be BIG enough. Crazy, really...

Holland said...

Naomi: I agree with completely on you with regards to the breasts and it is scary how some doctors will even comply to the wishes of women who want to have ginormous breasts...

Ricardo said...

Yes she is amazing and I have a picture of her that I have been intending to use in one of my blog posts for some time.

You know my top women.

mac said...

Kathy Ireland was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

And, Dayum if Angelina wasn't so HOT in Gia that she melted my screen !

I know everybody has chimed on famous sexual creatures. But, my all-time favorite, truly beautiful woman is/was my Mama. I don't mean that in a twisted oedipal way...she's just a beautiful soul :-)