Thursday, July 8, 2010

A silly Day

I went to South Beach to meet up with my friend Ily. I left home at half time in the soccer match between Germany and Spain. It was still 0-0. The team that wins this match will play in the finals against Holland (no not me Secretly I am rooting for Spain, because then we have two teams that never won a world champion cup in the finals, and I was not alone: Paul the octopus also rooted for Spain. 

So far the two year old Octopus predicted all the German matches correctly in this world cup and he choose Spain as the winner. 

The moment I arrived in South Beach I asked a woman in a German shirt who won and she looked at me as if I was from another planet, then noticed my orange toe nails and the orange scarf around my head and grumpily spitted out the words I almost expected (due to Paul the octopus' prediction): "Spain did...1-0, the Germans did not play." I had to swallow my cry of joy and thanked her for telling me. When she walked away I did a little victory dance as if I made that goal.

I met with Ily at the Mediterranean  restaurant on Lincoln Road and we sat down for some food, wine and conversation... and we ended up discussing what we would do if we would wake up as a man (for 1 weekend). Well I know for sure that Ily would wake up as Johnny Depp. No doubt about that. 
But more interesting is the question if we would be a heterosexual or homosexual man for that weekend... What would you choose if you woke up in the body of the opposite sex?

Also Ily gave me a beautiful CD with Brazilian music (to be played whenever she has dinner at my place prepared by the hitman). I asked her if she was serious about giving Brazilian music to a Dutch woman and she thought I was not happy... I was very happy with it as I do like Brazilian music and even more so now as the Dutch team won from the Brazilian team... Yeeeaaaaahhhh!!! (sorry, I just can't help myself)

And here I am showing how difficult it is to fit multiple objects (a shared dessert, espresso and myself)  in a small screen of a digital camera... but somehow we manage...

After dinner we went for a walk over Lincoln Road where Ily took this really great shot of me...

I don't know  but I think it shows how happy I am with the Dutch team... (hmmm why do I keep coming back to soccer these days...)

Have a great week and cheer for Holland this Sunday!


LL Cool Joe said...

I'm pansexual, so I have all bases covered I think! :D

I'm cheering Holland! Which one though?

Riot Kitty said...

Oh a homosexual man, definitely ;)

Ily said...

Ha! That's a beautiful question. I know you'd be a player but I'm still not sure what I'd do. Of course if I woke up with Johnny Depp's body, I know EXACTLY what I'd do! lol

Btw, the Bakehouse is having their "Water and Books" event tomorrow. I'm still not sure if I can make it but I'd love to see what Irena comes up with!

¡Que viva EspaƱa! ;)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh, I will be rooting for Holland--Both you and the team. Then, this Soccor stuff will be all finished, yes?? I don't understand any of it but I can appreciate people getting so hooked into it.
But, to watch it and have to listen to all that "noise"....Lord Help Us! THAT is Torture! LOL!

Fireblossom said...

I am one of those Americans who just don't see the appeal of European football. The only thing I can say in its favor is that it is not American football, which is the most annoying sport on the planet.

But I do like Brazilian music!

Holland said...

LLCJ: Just cheer "Holland", it will always be appreciated (Maybe not if you are downtown Madrid).

RK: That is a clear choice! lol

Ily: You waking up as Johnny Depp? Ha, you wouldn't leave the house...LOL

Naomi: After Sunday - especially if Holland wins - I will only mention soccer for the next 4 years. lol

Shay: I cannot say I find American Football boring, personally I like to check out those behinds in the tights in every game (don't tell the Hitman) lol

Lynn said...

I will cheer for Holland on Sunday. And think about Holland cheering. :)

Thanks for coming by my blog! Lynn

Holland said...

Lynn: Thank you and you're welcome :)

Ricardo said...

Yes all my friends did not want
Spain to win but secretly, I did as well.

That Paul the Octopus is really something else.

You fit a lot into that screen.