Saturday, July 3, 2010

What a day!

Yesterday was an important day for me. I took two paintings to the gallery for a new show called "Word and Symbols". I really liked the subject and I know that it will be a good show because every artist will interprete it in a different way.

One painting called "Change your words and you will change your world" where the text starts on the side of the paiting and finishes on the front.

The other is "Listen to the colorful words of my silence".

The second painting (and I apologize for the poor quality of the photo's... but hey I am not a photographer) is inspired by a converstation I had with a close friend of mine about lack of communication... which I translated into silence.

Now the real challenge for me is how to take two paintings of 24" x 24" to the gallery with the bus-bus-metro-bus in the rain. I looked around the house if we had any plastic bags big enough which we did not have of course. But I found those plastic coverings from the dry cleaners and guess what... it works to protect the paintings and at the same time if could carry it like it was plastic bags.

On my way to Coconut Grove, I met a man carrying a sign saying "Be a role model" around his neck. After working so intensly on my paintings referring to words, it made complete sense to me. I asked him why he had this sign around his neck and he replied: "Each morning I make a new sign to carry around, because each day I learn something new and I want to share this with other people." That is a very positive idea and I really like it. Does it mean I will do the same? I don't know... It takes guts to do this and a very great smile to pull it off.

Of course I was excited about the upcoming soccer match between Holland and Brazil. My toe nails are orange (yes, I root for Holland, suprise!!! lol) because "We kick ass!". In the bus, when he noticed my orange toe nails, a Brazilian fan told me that his team would beat the Dutch team with 2-1. I replied with a bg smile: "Bite me and good luck!".  Everywhere the yellow/green from Brazil was dominating here in Miami. When I finally got to work - where they showed the match on tv - it was 0-1 for Brazil. My heart dropped onto my orange toes, but at the same time I knew the match was not lost yet. I saw the Dutch team hunting for the ball.

And boy did they hunt... Holland won... 2-1 from BRAZIL!

I wonder if the Brazillian fan will remember what he said to me...


Granny Annie said...

I have run out of positive descriptive adjectives for your art. Oh let's do "spine tingling" this time. Oh yes,you're great and I'll say it again.

Now the guy with the sign -- who else would meet someone like this fellow? Okay, Ily would. I'm pondering the signs I might start wearing daily.

The guy for Brazil might not remember what he said to you but I'll bet he remembers what you said to him.

Riot Kitty said...

Good luck with the paintings! What a great story about that guy with the sign. Mine would probably say, "Got Caffeine?"

Ily said...

I'm sorry I missed the reception, but I will be by to check out your VERY COOL paintings! Love the faces, chica!!

Holland said...

Annie: Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is easy here to meet colorful people like I did, Miami is full of them. lol and I think you're right about the Brazilian

RK: I guess you are as much as a morning person as I am (in dire need of java to wake up) lol

Holland said...

Ily: Thank you and I missed you as well. The show is great this time and a lot of new artists.

Fireblossom said...

Now it can be revealed: I sent that Dutch speed-skating coach down there to misdirect the Brazilian players to the wrong end of the field.

You're welcome.

And...your paintings are remarkable indeed.

Holland said...

Fireblossom: That was so thoughtful of you... to use our bad to our advantage. Thank you... what will you do for the match against Uruguay, or is that still a secret?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

CONGRATS ON Holland Winning and on your two lovely paintings! How very resourceful of you to think of the Plastic Bags from the Cleaners...!

Holland said...

Naomi: thank you and yes it worked with the bags. Not sure what happens if I have to carry canvasses larger than 24"x24". lol

Anonymous said...

Contratulations Holland! Your work is absolutely gorgeous. I'm a big believer in the power of words, though I keep forgetting to watch my own (ha). Seriously, words can create and destroy. Now you see? I interpret things like that - synchronicities like coming across that guy with the sign - to be a nod from the universe that you're on the right track.

Those dry cleaner bags are great. I've used them myself for transporting dried flower arrangements and wreathes I'd made. They're great for protecting delicate items!

Holland said...

Thank you so much. I really like how you use words and symbols in your work. I find that I am often inspired by words but I normally do not incorporate them into my work.

Chickie said...

Beautiful artwork!

And if you need to carry something bigger? Cut open trash bags and then use duct tape to make them whatever size you need. It's not pretty but it gets the job done.

Holland said...

Thank you and your tip is really helpful. I honestly don't care if it looks pretty or not, as long if I get the paintings from A to

Gustavo said...

Monique, once again, I think your paintings are fantastic. I especially like the earnest expressivity of "Change your words and you will change your world."

I agree with "Dream with the Fishes" that our meeting was one of life's moments of encouragement--and it was certainly a mutual experience.

Your work inspired me, to see someone else bringing a message out to the world. And I love how everything comes together. How funny that you saw me riding down Biscayne more than and hour before we actually met--you never know who your message is going out to! =)Let keep it spreading.

And to think that I probably would not have said hello if not for that Brazilian fan on the bus. Heh--all things for a reason.